NAPSA Launches Sale of NAPSA Estate Serviced Plots.

Earlier today, NAPSA announced the launch of serviced plots at its latest development, NAPSA Lilayi Estate. The launch was officiated by the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Honorable Brenda Tambatamba. This new venture marks a significant addition to NAPSA’s real estate investment portfolio and is the sixth project to be launched in the last decade, following Nyumba Yanga, Ibex Hill, Kalulushi, Northgate, and Riverview Park housing projects.

The NAPSA Lilayi Estate is a mixed-use development designed to meet the diverse needs of the Zambian people. The estate comprises a total of 2,249 plots, including residential, commercial, civic, and educational spaces. Residential plots average 18 meters by 30 meters, commercial plots 20 meters by 50 meters, and civic plots 50 meters by 80 meters.

Purchased from Newlands International Limited in 2020, the estate has been fully remodeled and serviced with essential utilities such as water, sanitation, roads, and electricity. This ensures that buyers can commence construction immediately upon purchase. The plots are priced at a fixed rate of K493.62 per square meter, with the average residential plot costing approximately K266,500.

To facilitate widespread access, NAPSA is offering three flexible payment options:

  1. Cash Option: Buyers can pay for their plots in cash within three months, without any administration fee.
  2. Bank Loan or Mortgage: Buyers can secure financing through loans or mortgages, with full settlement expected within three months, also free from administration fees.
  3. Instalment Plan: Buyers can pay in installments over 12 months, with an administrative fee of K7,000.

Sandridge Associates has been appointed as sales agents to ensure efficient and prompt service to all customers.

The Lilayi Estate project is more than just a real estate venture; it represents NAPSA’s dedication to prudent investment, economic growth, and the provision of value to its members. The project is anticipated to generate approximately 8,996 jobs during the construction phase, stimulating economic activity and benefiting local businesses, especially those supplying building materials.

The total investment of the project is ZMW 547 million, with projected revenues of ZMW 673 million, resulting in a 12.43% return on investment. This underscores NAPSA’s commitment to sound financial practices and transparency.

NAPSA encourages all Zambians to take advantage of this unique opportunity to own land. The authority also calls on financial institutions to develop favorable financing products to support buyers in acquiring these plots. The NAPSA Lilayi Estate is set to transform the local economy, create jobs, invigorate local businesses, and contribute significantly to Zambia’s housing sector.

For more information and to express interest in purchasing a plot, please contact Sandridge Associates, the designated sales agents for this project.

Contact Information:
Sandridge Associates
Phone: +260 969 889 548

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