Common errors


Some of the common errors prevalent in the contributions process are:

  • Fictitious NRC & Social Security Numbers (SSNs)
  • No full names
  • Wrong contribution Period
  • Use of Incorrect Ceiling
  • Wrong Assessments
  • Manual submissions
  • Remittance of contributions for persons above age 55
  • Missing member/beneficiaries data

Impact of Errors

Among many others, the following are the obvious impact of the errors mentioned earlier on:

  • Multiple Social Security Numbers
  • Posting of contributions to wrong employees’ accounts
  • Underpayments and Penalties
  • Reconciliation problems
  • Delays in processing and claim settlement

Advised Solution

What you should do from here

Use the following checklist to avoid errors mentioned above

  • Confirm that NRC numbers in your payroll system/wages book are correct.
  • Check whether ALL your staff have Social Security Numbers by requesting a list of Members Report from NAPSA.
  • Request for an Employer Statement so that you can establish whether all your Monthly Returns have been captured.
  • Provide Monthly Returns for any unprocessed months.
  • Request individual Member Statement for your Staff (for employers) or for yourself (as an individual).

Any employer who defaults on the remittance of contributions or does not abide by the provisions of the NPS Act commits an offence and can be prosecuted in the Courts of Law.

Offences highlighted in the Act.

The NAPSA Way is about how much as an institution we value and care for our members in our day-to-day operations.

Director General
National Pension Scheme Authority