Who We Are

The National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) was established in February 2000 by the National Pension Scheme Act no. 40 of 1996 of the Laws of Zambia.

This followed the closure of the Zambia National Provident Fund (ZNPF) after the responsible Act under which it was formed was repealed. This means that ZNPF stopped receiving contributions on 31st January 2000.

NAPSA was formed to provide income security against the risk arising from retirement (old age), death and invalidity with a focus on adequacy of benefits and monthly receipt of pension in a better way than the repealed ZNPF. This is achieved through the payment of different kinds of benefits to its members.


NAPSA has the mandate to register members, collect their contributions, invest the funds, and finally pay benefits to its members

ZNPF Assets Custody

As earlier noted, many people were registered under the ZNPF prior to the establishment of NAPSA and actually made contributions to that particular scheme.

NAPSA is the official custodian and manager of the assets of the ZNPF. This means that NAPSA is managing all the funds contributed to the ZNPF and has continued paying benefits to eligible members of that scheme as they qualify for the same.

Key Responsibilities

Some of the key responsibilities of NAPSA are:

  • Registration of employers and employees
  • Collection of contributions
  • Enforcement of compliance
  • Investment of funds not immediately required for payment of benefits
  • Processing of claims and payment of benefits and education of members

Our Values - iCARE

I - Integrity

Do the Right Thing

R - Respect

Listen to Every Voice

C - Collaboration

Work Together

E - Excellence

Perform at your Best

A - Accountability

Be Responsible for your Actions

Our Mission

Securing the social economic well-being of the people of Zambia.

Our Vision

A trusted partner that protects people’s future and brings pride to the Nation.