DG’s Corner

Welcome to our vision, which is in our new Corporate Strategy that will run from 2022 to 2025. We are calling this the NAPSA Way. The NAPSA Way is about how much as an institution we value and care for our members in our day-to-day operations. 

This is a set of five values, which we have coined into an acronym called iCARE. It is all about how we do things. 

  • i – Integrity “Do the right thing”,
  • C – Collaboration “Work as one”
  • A – Accountability “own your actions”
  • R – Respect “value every voice”
  • E – Excellence “Be your best”

We are cognizant of the fact that the customer is the reason the Authority exists as an institution and, thus, remain focused on delivering value in services rendered to the public. We recognize the importance of empathy and service to customers with a human face to make them happy. 

To accomplish this, some of the achievements we have made so far, important to our growth and adoption of new ways of doing things include:  

    1. Improving organisational structures 
    2. Employing skilled staff, and
    3. Enhancing operational systems.  

The Authority appreciates that having correct structures, technology and systems is not enough. As an institution, we have embraced a lot of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in our operations such as the development of eNAPSA, NAPSA Mobile and other applications for administration of pensions and contributions. These systems are integrated platforms through which members are able to transact with NAPSA online.

However, what is critical and key to excellence is having staff with the right attitude, hence our belief that in addition to structures, skills and systems; good attitude should be at the core of it all. 

NAPSA staff continue to uphold the highest level of personal and professional integrity in all our work in servitude to our clients and members. 

This is the NAPSA Way and, we, deliver value to you, our customers.