As the eNAPSA system for submission of monthly returns gets entrenched in the order of doing business with NAPSA, the Authority wishes to remind employers as follows:

  1. Register new employees online on https://enapsa.napsa.co.zm/ early and avoid undertaking employee registration on the due date (10th of every month) as this leads to system congestion and delays in employers receiving responses to their queries from NAPSA.
  2. Start with the upload of your monthly return on eNAPSA before writing out the cheque or effecting a bank transfer for the payable contribution. Prepare the cheque or transfer on the basis of the payable amount generated on eNAPSA after filing returns.
  3. Ensure that the cheque or transfer amount is exactly equal to the amount generated on the eNAPSA Payment Registration form and quote the NPIN number if remitting contributions by bank transfer.
  4. The eNAPSA NPIN has an expiry date that is meant to ensure that employers that upload their monthly returns on time but don’t present the NPIN and cheque/proof of transfer for receipting before the due date are levied the appropriate penalty. You must therefore, ensure that you present your cheque or proof of transfer to NAPSA before the NPIN expires.
  5. Effective 1st April 2017, NAPSA will only be accepting cash and cheque payments of up to K5, 000 and K25, 000 respectively. Any amount above K25, 000 shall be paid via electronic transfer.
  6. Do not split the amount payable on multiple cheques or use a combination of cheque and cash.
  7. eNAPSA only accepts monthly returns in CSV format. To convert your file to CSV, use the new Contributions Template.

You are further encouraged to upload your monthly returns ahead of the due date so that you can accord yourself ample time to rectify any emerging issues such as rejected employee records and also to help in minimising system congestion.

For more information contact Customer Services on: +260 211 395677
Toll free number: 677, E-mail: info@napsa-web.azurewebsites.net or our website on: www.napsa.co.zm