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Government Securities

The Authority participates actively in Government Securities, both Treasury Bills and Government Bonds. It is a well-known fact that investments in Government Securities are considered risk free and arising from this the Authority has invested circa 45% of its Portfolio in Government Securities.

Portfolio Breakdown
Fixed Term Deposits

The Authority also recognizes its role in the country’s financial market. The country faces a savings crisis and cannot mobilize enough liquidity through savings. Traditional solutions would require Bank of Zambia (BoZ) to become the “Lender of Last Resort” and provide liquidity to the Commercial Banks. Bank of Zambia (BoZ) has its own reserve challenges and therefore the role of NAPSA helps alleviate the problem by providing liquidity to financial institution through investments in Fixed Term Deposits and other Instruments. 

The Authority has made this investment in the following companies:

Portfolio breakdown

  • Barclays Bank Zambia Ltd 
  • Standard Chartered Bank 
  • Stanbic Bank Zambia Ltd 
  • Investrust Bank Plc 
  • African Banking Corporation 
  • First National Bank
  • ECO Bank Zambia Limited 
  • lndo-Zambia Bank
  • lndo-Zambia Bank
  • Cavmont Capital Bank
  • Access Bank Zambia Ltd
  • Development Bank of Zambia 
  • lntermarket
  • First Alliance Bank
  • United Bank for Africa
  • Zambia National Building Society 
  • Citibank
Listed Equity (Shares)

NAPSA holds shares in 17 companies out of the 23 companies listed on the Lusaka Stock Exchange. A key benefit of equity investments is the potential to increase the value of the initial amount invested. This comes in the form of capital gains and dividends. Equity funds offers investors a diversified investment option generally for a minimum initial investment amount.

The LuSE index has been showing a positive trend in recent years.

Portfolio breakdown


COMPANY Total Issued Shares  Total # of Shares held by NAPSA NAPSA % Holding 
AECI 20,406,600                          293,798 1.4%
BATZ 212,456,304                       6,394,439 3.0%
CEC AFRICA 1,625,000,597                     15,779,333 1.0%
LAFARGE 200,039,904                       9,499,102 4.7%
NATBREW 63,000,000                       1,400,000 2.2%
PAMODZI 100,000,000                       4,164,607 4.2%
ZAMBIA-RE 30,000,000                       4,281,895 14.3%
PUMA 500,000,000                     49,972,746 10.0%
REIZ 56,460,198                       5,691,431 10.1%
STANCHART 1,666,981,048                     39,873,967 2.4%
ZAMBEEF 247,978,195                     24,797,819 10.0%
ZAMEFA 27,090,100                       3,290,567 12.1%
ZAMSUGAR 316,517,385                     30,788,021 9.7%
ZANACO 1,443,750,531                   140,355,061 9.7%
ZCCM 160,800,286                     24,120,043 15.0%
Corporate Bonds

Corporate bonds refer to debt issued by companies that the Authority invests into as debt to the issuer. The Authority has always endeavoured to contribute to the development of the (Bond Market) and holds the following investments in Corporate Bonds:

  • IZWE Loans
  • M Finance
Portfolio Breakdown