Upload Returns FAQ

Upload Returns

How to upload a Return and make payment?

Step 1: Go to www.napsa.co.zm and click on ‘e-Services-Login’

Step 2: Login a Data User and click on Returns tab

Step 3: Upload your return (saved in csv format) by clicking on Choose file and then on Submit file button to validate it.

Step 4: Validation Summary will display the number of valid and invalid records.If no invalid records are found, click Next to confirm the uploaded return and then click on Confirm and Submit.

Step 5: Select the transaction(s) you wish to pay for and click on Pay for Selected Item(s) to proceed

Step 6: Specify the payment amount on each transaction you selected in previous step and click on Proceed to Pay

Step 7: If your bank is configured on eNAPSA, click on NET Banking or Bank Over the Counter. Otherwise, you can pay via Credit/Debit card or Mobile Money