NAPSA’s Transformative Gesture. Enhancing Mobility and Independence for David Tembo

The National Pension Scheme Authority NAPSA through its Corporate Social Responsibility outreach programme has recently donated a state-of-the-art Hybrid Wheelchair to David Tembo, a resident of Kabanana Township in Lusaka.
The Hybrid Wheelchair combines electric and manual functionality which is expected to enhance David’s mobility and independence.
36-year-old David has been under the sole care of his loving mother since childhood. The NAPSA Corporate Social Responsibility was established to make a difference in people’s lives, hence the quick response to David’s aid immediately the Authority was made aware of his predicament.
With the Hybrid Wheelchair, David can now navigate his surroundings with ease, even without the constant assistance of his mother.
The electric feature provides convenience and efficiency, while the manual option ensures he can stay active and maintain control whenever he desires.
NAPSA remains immensely grateful for the opportunity to support David and his family. Their unwavering strength and determination have inspired us all.

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